February 14, 2006

Address labels and lost items

Amy thinks it's funny that I decided that I wanted to put so much personal identifying information in all my books and notebooks that I ordered two rolls of address labels. So all my books have two labels each, one with my name and address and one with the rest of my contact information. She probably thinks it's funny that I got labels at all instead of just writing my name like normal people. I guess I'm hoping that if I lose a book at school there will be so many ways to get it back to me that the finder will feel obligated to return it.

I have been a finder. I found a satchel once, and it had a notebook with a name and phone number. I used my cell phone to call the number, and the guy had it back in five minutes. I have also contacted someone about a lost purse through email. So if I lose something, I want to have every chance of a finder reaching me quickly.

When emails at school come out about a lost property casebook, I have to restrain myself from responding: “Is it really lost? What if in a technical legal sense it is really mislaid?” (Or abandoned? Probably not.) I don't think they would think it was funny at that point. I did phone a guy who left behind his property book and told him I was an involuntary bailee. Property is so funny, especially when it's out of someone's possession. Ha.

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