August 15, 2006

Apple Bear

I have spread
my dreams under
your feet
tread sorftly
because you
on my dreams
This is printed on a pencil that has a picture of a teddy bear character called Apple Bear. He has a mug and a cookie and something like a blue mouse at his feet. The pencil also bears the words "COLOR PENCIL" even though it is a regular wooden pencil, not a coloring pencil. Obviously something got lost in translation.

August 12, 2006

I *SO* accept those terms

Just what are we agreeing to when we sign up for Yahoo Mail or some other Internet account and we check the box that says we agree with some "terms"? Must we quarter some soldiers? Surrender our blenders? What diabolical fates await when we act all agreeable and stuff? Are these free Internet accounts worth giving up something valuable that could be embedded in those wordy "terms of service" or "end user agreement" documents? But who's going to enforce it? The Internet police?