November 21, 2006


This is a collection of interesting historical items from the year I was born.
  • FM radio listenership caught up and began to exceed AM radio
  • The Electronics Technicians Association in Greencastle, Indiana, was formed
  • The “Garfield” comic strip began
  • The Clarkson School division of Clarkson University was founded
  • The Federal Trade Commission ended the retail price fixing that allowed manufacturers to set retail prices
  • There were three popes in the same year
  • Susan B. Anthony dollars appeared for the first time
  • The Association of Alternative Newsweeklies was formed (under another name)
  • President Carter signed a bill allowing the home brewing of beer and wine
  • The Copyright Act of 1976 took effect
  • The Camp David Accords were signed
  • Veterans Day was returned to the date of November 11

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