November 21, 2006

History of My Name and Address

My Name

My full name is Adrian Kaspar Pritchett. Some of you know me as Adrian, and some of you know me as Kaspar. Mom originally called me Kaspar, and that was all I was called until I allowed a couple of teachers in high school to call me Adrian. When I moved to Athens in 1997, I decided to go by Adrian. This has been confusing to some of my family members -- sorry about that. Just so you know the extent of this switch, my bank accounts, my telephone listing, and my property deeds have never used my middle name, just the initial K., if an initial appears at all.

In case you think it's sad or weird that I changed the name I go by, consider this:

  1. Adrian is my first name. It came up all the time at school anyway.
  2. Kaspar is my middle name.
  3. Kaspar is difficult to spell. (You can spell it however you'd like. I gave up trying to teach everyone.)
  4. Kaspar is a bit unusual. I've shown my driver's license to people just to prove it is my real name.
  5. I didn't really "change" my name -- I just started going by my first instead of my middle. My mom gave me the name Adrian, and she liked it enough to put it first!

It was interesting that we actually learned I have an ancestor named Casper, so technically it is a family name.

Email Addresses

My long-time permanent email address since 1998 is However, I now maintain The Yahoo address was my junk address, then it was my primary address, and now it is my junk address again. Here are three other addresses of mine:

  • (university account)
  • (forwarding address only)
  • adrian.pritchett @
  • athensworld @

Previous Addresses

Just in case you were curious — and I'm sure you weren't — this is a list of all the places I've ever lived long enough to receive mail:

  • Norfolk, VA
  • Perry, GA
  • Gray, GA
  • Potsdam, NY
  • Athens, GA
  • Commerce, GA

Domain Names

I have used the following domain names in the past:


Currently using:


You can wake up now. This boring and useless historical document is over!

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