December 04, 2006

The Christmas List

Make a quick comment here if you actually read my blog. You don't even have to use your real name; just write something to let me know anyone is looking at this more than once. If I get like just two comments this month, then I'll just close the blog and send you email from now on.

My Aunt Janice sent a Christmas with this poem. Maybe it is common, but I had not read it before. What is sad is the way people don't tend to their lists, either for Christmas cards or just for life. You know I frequently complain about people falling out of touch, but I'm still getting used to the idea because it has gone from people just communicating less down to relatives not even giving us their address when they move. I can complain here because I'm pretty sure those people aren't even reading my blog.

In other news, I sort of got rear-ended in my car today. I was surprised to not find any damage on my car or the other driver's, though. She let me copy information from her insurance card and driver's license just in case, and I gave her my card, and that was it.

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