December 28, 2006

Christmas notes

We had a fun Christmas. We got to see many of our family members in Toccoa and Danville. Both our mamas said they didn't do as much in preparing food this year, but we pigged out and didn't notice. There were distractions again this year with medical and family events concerning different people, but as long as we are thankful to be together and realize that life changes, it can still "feel like Christmas."

Nature gave us a Christmas present in the form of a lower power bill by having weeks of warm weather before Christmas.

I noticed again how there has been talk in the news about the propriety of using the phrases "happy holidays" or "merry Christmas" in public. Judging by letters to the editor of our local newspaper, some people seem to think there is a culture war going on, a war on Christmas. Well, it is helpful to remember that Christmas is not the only religious holiday in December, and a lot of December traditions are not even religious to begin with. I sure hope no one was offended by our "Happy Holidays" cards that we mailed. It would have been awkward to send a Christmas-only card to our Jewish acquaintances, you know, and even more awkward to ask everyone about their religion before sending them a card.

The holidays are too short. I'm trying to get some reading done, but I'm not motivated to read so quickly and carefully, so I don't know if I'm going to finish. Maybe I should just relax anyway.

I'm going to try not to think about New Year's superstitions this year. We'd be screwed for life if it was bad luck for a blond-haired man to be the first person to enter the house in the new year, and Amy won't let me cook collards in the house. (Maybe I can cook some in a Crock pot in the garage.) Besides, the new year is an arbitrary time marked by the calendar and not an astronomical event. I should go ahead and start writing "2007" in my checkbook because you know how that goes.

Amy took down our Christmas tree yesterday. Yes, she puts it up early and takes it down early, but I guess she is just choosing convenient times to do all that. It's not like I have an opinion anyway, except I do like the little fiber optic tree that went upstairs this year.

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