December 16, 2006

Drive-throughs are now an option

In my car the driver side window switch had been broken for a long time. That made it really embarassing to use a fast food drive-through because I had to open my door and reach backwards. The next thing to have a problem was the blower fan for the defroster and air conditioner. These problems were on top of a hazard light switched that messed up my turn signals. I finally got some of these things taken care of yesterday at Commerce Tire, but I need to go back Monday for one more part. Yes, I went all the way to Commerce because Precision Tune's prices were excessive and I just didn't know where else to go in Athens. I got some other maintenance done, and they just charged a little over an hour for labor for five items. After the one last part it will almost be like having a new car.

Yes, I can go through drive-throughs again. I will be able to use drive-up ATMs and swipe my parking pass at school without opening the door. By the way, it seems wacky that I use three electronic items, including that parking pass, to open gates and doors for my car. Any more would be confusing.

Yesterday I went to meet some folks at the Globe on Lumpkin Street to talk about local politics and such. Topics included the sewer system, sewer and water rates, lane configuration of local streets, the financial troubles for the Chamber of Commerce, the recent campaigns for mayoral candidates, the effects of tort reform, and using duels to settle disputes.

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