December 10, 2006

Election day

Last Tuesday was runoff election day in Athens. I volunteered to make some get-out-the-vote phone calls for Kelly Girtz who was running for county commission superdistrict nine, but the calls were made in a joint effort with Heidi Davison's reelection campaign for mayor, and I ended up just making some calls for Heidi. They both won, so I was happy about that. I'm not in Kelly's superdistrict, but I have talked with him extensively, and I am sure he will be a great member of the commission. Here are some photos, including the office where we made phone calls and then the bar where Heidi and Kelly made their speeches after seeing the election results.

Ann Hodges, Al Davison, and Heidi Davison Mike and Dan Johnathan, Julie, Nicole Heidi Davison Kelly Girtz Kelly Girtz and Adrian Pritchett

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