December 21, 2006


Next month I will become employed part time, and it will be my first job in the legal profession. It also marks the end of a long series of rejections that I've experienced in law school, so that sure makes me happy. I will be a law clerk at Fortson, Bentley and Griffin, P.A., and it will become full time for the summer.

This will be a new experience, so I am nervous about meeting expectations. Law school is just tough, so I don't really know my range of competencies yet. This is very exciting, though, because I will start getting some serious experience with research and writing in a practice setting, and working for a sophisticated firm will be a crucial part of my education. I also look forward to meeting new people and establishing relationships for the future.

Fortunately, I have a sense of transition that should help me. I took the public interest practicum course this past semester, so now I have an initial experience working for a lawyer and serving clients. I should post my learning assessment from that course on this blog.

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