January 12, 2007

Graded and corrected

The cows came home, so I finally got my grades from fall semester. I passed everything! They look even better than I expected. I can stop worrying and get on with the new semester.

I like the overconfident moral support I get when you all tell me, "Oh, I knew you'd pass." Um, no you didn't! No one knows anything until the professor grades all the exams. First, we take one exam at the end of the semester, and our entire grades are based on that. Second, our grades are relative and based on how well we did in comparison to the other students in the class. It is very scary.

My vision is reverting back to its old ways. I decided to get an eye exam today, and I was given stronger prescriptions. I got new lenses for my glasses, but the contact lenses for trial had to be ordered. I'm less obsessed with my eyeballs now that I feel comfortable with the range of refractive error they occupy. I'm also optimistic about eyeball science in the future. My optometrist told me that there is growing research on treating "second-order aberrations" -- heck yeah!

January 02, 2007

Justice served on the roadside

It makes me happy when I see justice served to evil motorists on Highway 129. I was driving north through Morgan county when a Jeep Liberty with a Massachusetts tag tailed me for a while and then passed in what was clearly a no-passing zone, so I flashed my lights to indicate my disapproval. I was following traffic that was going a little slow because of a tractor-trailer, but advancing ahead was not enough for this driver. I saw the vehicle seriously speed up ahead and pass more traffic. A while later after I had gone through Madison I saw blue lights ahead, and I saw that the Jeep got stopped (though I'm not sure which agency made the stop). I tapped my horn in pleasure as I went by -- my way of saying "I told you so."

This reminds me of a southbound trip in the past when some jerk in a sports car blew my doors off but I got to pass him later when he was pulled over by a cop. The guy was seriously in a hurry, so he later passed me again despite that lost time. Then he got stopped a second time, so I passed him again!

The Madison police will chase you down, so "SPEED LIMIT 45" is more than a suggestion down there. I think it's a challenge.

I went on a trip today to visit Cyrena in Warner Robins (Wonderful Robins) and Mom, Dean, and Nellie in Danville (I still don't know a nickname for Danville). I got to see Cyrena's new place for the first time. It is new and big, and I'm really happy that she moved there. Mom fed us some good food at her house. We had turkey sausage, but Dean was trying to tell Nellie that it was deer sausage.

When I travel between Macon (the Mac Town) and Warner Robins on I-75, I can hold my breath through Crawford County. The highway goes through a little corner piece of it. When you see the Crawford County sign, you can look ahead and see the sign for Peach County at the same time.

What smells like sewage, dead animals, and feces? I don't know either, but Maggie the Wiener Dog rolled around in it tonight and got a very long bath.