February 04, 2007

Forest; county planning; email

Every Sunday in a row since for over a month now I have been going to Oconee Forest Park to take a long walk. I figure I walk over four and a half miles. The weather was a little bit nicer today, but I guess I would go out in bad weather because I really need to get my walk on at least once a week. I've gotten a little bored walking in my neighborhood because I'm tired of cars and pavement.

Yesterday I went to the planning department for one of the meetings beginning the public input process for Athens-Clarke County's decennial comprehensive plan revision. I suppose I will participate in the land use subcommittee, although there are several subcommittees tackling different sets of issues which will all overlap a great deal.

I'm looking at my Gmail account again. Maybe instead of switching my email addresses all the time and never being satisfied with the one perfect email account I should really just enjoy all of them. I do hate Yahoo Mail, but I use that for my junk address. I'm actually fascinated with the free AIM mail service because it provides free IMAP and SMTP service along with the ad-cluttered webmail -- quite unusual.

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