March 26, 2007

The answer to the legal question: there is no answer

Quite often the answer to a legal research question is that there is no answer. I don't feel comfortable when things are pointing to that particular answer, though. Today I wrote a four-page memo on basically nothing, but not quite in the Seinfeld way. I felt like I should have come up with a little more somehow, by analyzing and extrapolating from the related material to come up with a more sophisticated version of nothing.

Random observations about news sources on online research systems: Westlaw has the Fulton Daily Report, but I cannot find that on LexisNexis. LexisNexis actually has the Jones County News from my hometown of Gray, Georgia, which is weird because it doesn't have many of the state's metropolitan newspapers. Westlaw is my friend right now, though, because of its "Results Plus" feature -- which is sort of like when Google adds special results in the right hand column when you run a search. You can search cases and get links to special results from treatises. Pretty handy.

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