March 16, 2007

I can hear that spring is here

Spring really seems to be here. First it seemed to be an assault on our senses with all its loud birds and warm blazing sunshine. We weren't ready because we feel like we've been robbed of our normal winter. But then finally this week I think there was a subdued, less blazing warmth with the nice spring smells that brought out my usual visceral reaction -- spring fever, if you will. That's right -- my viscera said, "Hey, that's kind of nice." Then I said to my viscera, "Why are you talking? I never hear from you." Seriously, though, it wasn't much of a reaction because the weather has been warm so often this winter. (Yes, it is still winter, astronomically speaking.) However, there is nothing quite like actually being in a cold region where the first time the temperature goes above 60 degrees is some day in April -- that's a spring for real.

The weather is very windy today. Something about a big storm system causing lots of snow in the Northeast. Here we had rain this morning and senseless wind this afternoon. I actually told Amy, "We need rain," and I felt like there must be an old person growing inside me. I was actually concerned about my new bushes, something that old people like. I also want my weed-and-feed fertilizer to get absorbed into the grass, something else that old people like.

A big noisy feature of this spring is the cacophony of birds in our backyards over here in our neighborhood. Farms have roosters, and we have songbirds with amplifiers. I think I saw one plugging up to the outlet on our back porch. The last time I went to the Chick-Fil-A drive-through I'm surprised they could hear my order over that loud bird in the back; I went there to eat a bird, not listen to one. If Rachel Carson hadn't written that book, man, I would be able to sleep in a little bit now and then. DDT would also be legal, and I might use it on the carpenter bees that have returned to our foyer window. Does anyone have some DDT left over? I hear it was good stuff.

One thing I do like about spring is Cadbury Creme Eggs being sold at the grocery stores. I love those things, although they must be in moderation or I'll get tired of them. One year Amy hid some from me and surprised me at, like, Halloween, and they weren't as good. Some people say they don't like Cadbury eggs, but I've also noticed that these are the same people who like lemon meringue pie and key lime pie. Lime and lemon make nasty desserts, so you folks can't criticize my normal chocolate and sugar.

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