March 30, 2007

Law school talent show

I went to the annual law school talent show this year. It didn't have quite the range of types of performances that it had last year, but there were more people trying to do funny songs. There were two bands with banjos. A couple of notable songs involving banjos were "Fat Bottomed Girls" from Queen and a Dr. Dre song I won't name here. Yes, it was very wrong stuff that was strangely amusing. Mikey Mel and the JDs played again, and Mike wore a suit jacket, tie, and boxer shorts, as usual.

I spread out some of our liriope in the backyard. Eventually I will spread it out more, and it will deter people from walking in the yard, or at least when a golf ball comes in it will just disappear (like Casey Martin's last year). Speaking of golf balls, one almost hit a neighbor while we were working in our yards. We are never safe. At least I'd rather be hit by a ball than a stray bullet, although that Nike commercial for their new golf ball with all that ballistic footage made me really nervous. I can just see one going through our house like that bullet in Korn's "Freak on a Leash" video.

The air was filled with smoke from a controlled burn in Oglethorpe County today, but we were convinced it was pollen.

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