March 25, 2007

Record weather

So we are experiencing record levels of dryness and heat for March. That is just great -- the weather looks beautiful, but that is deceiving because it is really destructive.

The cat that has been hanging out in front of our house now has a collar with a bell. To me that means someone has taken ownership of it. I don't have to worry about it starving or anything.

I have been thinking about making certain changes in the backyard to deter trespassers. One possibility is planting a cover of some type of monkey grass. A more dramatic idea would be to grow a big stand of bamboo, but I'm not going for Michael Stipe's style. Another possibility is to mount an anti-aircraft machine gun on the back deck and have it loaded up with a belt of ammunition ready to go. I would rather the junipers hurry up and grow.

I recently wondered how many lawyers work in Barrow, Alaska, and whether their legal market is served sufficiently. Amy said that at least if they're up there and happen to be on a Weight Watchers diet they can figure out how many "points" whale meat has since someone actually posted a number on the Internet.

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