April 24, 2007


I just got a weird phone call showing the outgoing number from the UGA phone system. It sounded like a bunch of gibberish, so I just hung up. Someone should own up to this.

April 19, 2007

More changes

My stepfather's father passed away yesterday. K. S. "Bubber" Nobles is survived by a large and interesting family of which I am happy to be a part. I did not get to know him well, but he obviously did something right since my stepfather Dean has been a loyal son who helped with the family business and stayed with his father during his declining health. Bubber and his family grew cotton and peanuts and raised cattle and hogs. He even worked as a barber, and he was quite a guitar player, too.

April 15, 2007

Writer's block

I always thought of myself as having writing skills, so why can't I get properly started on a paper? I think I feel like I'm not fully prepared to write a good paper, but I also realize I have to get my ideas on paper to develop them more fully. My writing skills should include revision skills. It may look like I'm lazy, but I'm actually interested in this paper for which I have already made an outline. I have to take my creative powers to the next level somehow.

April 13, 2007

wrong number

You know how you sometimes get a call for the wrong number? That happens to my cell phone a lot, so much that I even received a text message to the wrong number on January 18:

Yeah start at fatz next week so they can teach me
some things and i will go to bartending school on the side i know i can do it plus i dont know about u but texts cost me alot so thats why i havent texted u back right a way other than that minusdriver broke up jordan and matt are now playing with my good friends drew and josh from fold their called winter ransom and u know what i think it sukz anyway talk to u later brother

April 10, 2007

Power bill

I have always wanted to get a power bill for less than $100. It finally came for the last month -- $99.11. Not much under the mark, but sweet nonetheless. In the past few weeks we've run the air conditioner and the heater, though, so it won't happen again, probably not for the rest of my life.

Georgia Power is offering us a flat monthly rate for a year based on last year's usage, but what would I have to look forward to each month?

My other goal would be to get the water bill under $30. I will try to spend less than an hour per day in the shower, but I will probably start watering outdoors more often. What I think is hilarious is those people that water their grass so much that their usage bumps up their billing rate and they get a $200 water bill. That's the cost of the luxury of living on a grass farm. Lawns are supposed to be a display of wealth.

April 05, 2007

Shirts and ties

Those tiny little buttons near the cuffs on my shirt sleeves are really annoying. They're hard to button up when I already have the shirt on. I think the laundry people purposely unbutton them every time.

While we're in my closet, you might want to know that Amy has categorized my ties. Some are "authorized" and the rest are "unauthorized." She put my bowtie in the "unauthorized" group, but I disagree with that. I can't remember how to tie it, so it doesn't matter.

April 02, 2007

Few true favorites

I'm not the type of person to name a favorite movie or a favorite color. I see the world in shades of gray, so everything has its pros and cons, especially depending on circumstances. On the movie example, there are certain movies I like, but how can one stand above all the rest? Ask me what my favorite something is, and I'll give you a blank stare. My mind doesn't constantly sort and rank my experiences.

There are a few artists and creative people that really get my attention, though, and they essentially earn the equivalent of a "favorite" status in my world. For example, you might call Joe Satriani my favorite guitar player. I have collected many of his CDs and appreciated his music. This does not mean I listen to his music very often, though. It means his songs are unique, interesting, meaningful, and entertaining.

Among my favorite writers is Chuck Palahniuk. His work deserves all kinds of cliched adjectives. He deals with the philosophical and unconventional. I no longer read his new books, though, because his work is formulaic. There are other writers with books that speak to me, and they each deserve to be named a "favorite" in some kind of category if I could only articulate the taxonomy of the literary niches they occupy in my mind.

Lately I have been admiring the cinematic work of Michel Gondry. This guy is a genius on weird art and visually manipulating the human mind. I have watched a couple of the movies he has directed, The Science of Sleep and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. These films have an odd way of making you feel like you're in a dreamlike state. In fact, they each do deal with sleep plus mental struggles and confusion. I think they hypnotize or lull first you so that the protagonists' mental perceptions will appear more dreamlike when they finally start. Gondry's bizarre visual art is prominent in The Science of Sleep and his music videos, but Eternal Sunshine is just visually masterful in presenting a character's memories and dreams.

April 01, 2007

Rain, finally

After basically a month with no rain at all, it sprinkled this morning and is sprinkling again. Will this be enough to wash away any pollen? When will we have a full shower? This is like spending days in the desert only to be sprayed in the face with a misting bottle. The only reason we have spring greenery is because of the morning dew.

My own spirits need a balance in weather just like plants do. After too much rain or too much drought I feel anxious. Of course, part of my problem now is the dirty pollen making me and the rest of the population sick.