April 10, 2007

Power bill

I have always wanted to get a power bill for less than $100. It finally came for the last month -- $99.11. Not much under the mark, but sweet nonetheless. In the past few weeks we've run the air conditioner and the heater, though, so it won't happen again, probably not for the rest of my life.

Georgia Power is offering us a flat monthly rate for a year based on last year's usage, but what would I have to look forward to each month?

My other goal would be to get the water bill under $30. I will try to spend less than an hour per day in the shower, but I will probably start watering outdoors more often. What I think is hilarious is those people that water their grass so much that their usage bumps up their billing rate and they get a $200 water bill. That's the cost of the luxury of living on a grass farm. Lawns are supposed to be a display of wealth.

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