May 16, 2007

Feeling postal

I am so tired of the postage rates changing. Not only are we basically trying to figure out how to use our old 34-cent stamps and whatnot, we can't even remember what the rate du jour is. Those "first class" stamps -- were they worth 37 or 39 cents? Who knows? What is a post card now? Why do I have 23-cent stamps and 24-cent postcards? Why can't the post office put the new rates on its website two days before the new rates go into effect so I can be prepared? This stuff is ridiculous.

Here is a new wrinkle -- if I had just bought a ton of 1-cent stamps to be prepared for future rate increases, this time the excess would be a waste. Now they are finally offering stamps that will stay good for first-class mailings beyond future rate increases. But I still need more small stamps, maybe in 2-cent increments.

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