May 01, 2007

Pizza craving

I have been having a craving for pepperoni pizza these last few days. I finally went to Taco Bell/Pizza Hut for lunch and got that monkey off my back. It wasn't very good. Now I have a bunch of fat and refined carbohydrates and other junk in my stomach. I regret this occurrence.

Every time I buy cat litter, Tidy Cats has some new variety, and there are all these varieties to choose from. Are they trying to keep our interest, or are they making better products? Our cats are currently enjoying Tidy Cats Small Spaces litter, and it is 100 times better than the store brand junk I bought last time. The name brand stuff is worth every penny, and I threw away the rest of the old stuff. This new litter smells like oranges, but the cats don't seem to mind. The claim on the label is "crumble free performance," and it lives up to the claim. Yes, it is high tech cat litter. It is what cats will use in space as long as there is artificial gravity.

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