June 25, 2007

Real Men of Genius

I have mixed feelings about finding myself saluted by Bud Light. Have you heard their "Real Men of Genius" commercials on the radio? They make fun of someone who does something silly or has a weird job. One day you hear "Today we salute you, Mr. Basketball Shoe Designer" and another you hear about "Mr. Stadium Scoreboard Marriage Proposal Guy." Well, I finally heard, "Today we salute you, Mr. Cell Phone Holster Wearer... Even though cell phones are small enough to fit in your pocket, you still wear yours on your belt, telling everyone, 'I have a cell phone.'" I have occasionally wondered if I should be that guy, and now I know I should be ashamed.

You can hear some of the commercials on the Bud Light website.

June 19, 2007

Obsolete post office

The United States Postal Service now charges more for less -- more postage for slower mail. Throughout history the post office has been sped up by faster forms of transportation and automation, but lately it has taken a step backward. Fortunately, a lot of its functions are now obsolete, and I'm making changes to take advantage of electronic communication. I'm trying to stop all my paper bills and bank statements because I can get them through the Internet anyway. I often have the bills paid electronically before the paper copy even arrives at my home. I hope that our government utilities will start accepting electronic payments without surcharges one day, too.

Federal law gives the Postal Service a monopoly on first class mail, so there is no alternative choice for that exact kind of service. I take care of bills through the Internet, and I try to communicate through e-mail and fax, so those are the best substitutes. But maybe the post office will run more efficiently if we can reduce the volume of mail we put through it. One strange idea I have read is that the Postal Service is actually hurt by decreased demand resulting from electronic communication, but if that's true then the rising postage rates defy the logic of supply and demand.

June 16, 2007

Boring things

There are a lot of boring things in life. Most of them involve waiting on something. Here is a partial list:
  • Waiting for the garage door to open
  • Stopping at stop signs
  • Waiting at red lights
  • Waiting in line at a fast food restaurant
  • Waiting on car repair work
  • Waiting for hot water from a faucet
  • Getting dressed in the morning
  • Waiting for an inkjet printer to print a color document
  • Waiting for a dialup modem to connect to the Internet
  • Paying with a credit card through a dialup machine
  • Waiting for someone to answer the phone
  • Listening to voicemail
  • Putting stamps on an envelope

June 08, 2007

Spider web in kitchen

OK, so there are a few bugs in the house. The other morning I was surprised to see a spider on a web between two cups on the kitchen table. I guess that's a sign that they've been sitting on the table too long instead of in the dishwasher where they should be, right? Except they were there only from the night before.