December 30, 2007

Wacky receipt

This is the wackiest receipt I've ever gotten from a Bojangles'. First, it came from the "DT PRINTER PRINTER." The name of the "server" was certainly unique -- "Firandy." Then there is the mysterious message: "PEACE AND LOVE FROM Z CHOPSTICKS 8-5-06 - 10-12-07."

Getting ready for the new year

When Amy and I started reading about traditions and superstitions for the turn of a new year, one idea stuck: getting your ducks in a row. This means cleaning up, getting bills paid, and getting organized. This is a convenient time for me to do those things since I have a break from school. Today I have been organizing e-mail and setting up my online calendar with Google for the first time. If I can get my study cleaned up a little, maybe I'll have some real control over the new year!

There is also the idea that what you are doing at midnight on New Year's Eve affects what you will be doing for the whole year. This time we are going to go out and socialize, and it would be nice to think that I can be a little more social in 2008. I'm thinking we might actually come home before midnight, though, but that can set the precedent for being social but not partying late at night.

I don't know if this will become our little tradition or not, but I am prepared to cook collard greens, blackeye peas, and cornbread muffins on Tuesday as I did for the first time last New Year's Day. That is related to the superstition about bringing in money for the new year, but maybe it can set a precedent for cooking at home more.

December 27, 2007

House numbers

This may be a boring topic, but house numbers or street addresses are important to the real estate we own, the mail we send, and the pizza we have delivered. We might prefer our own house number to be short and memorable. They are commonplace, everyday things, but there is often mystery in their assignment. The most familiar scheme for assigning is the system of block numbering, and another scheme uses distance, but the details vary. Why do numbers in Athens start at 100 but numbers in Oconee County start at 1000? Why do neighborhoods in Macon have four-digit addresses that all start with the same digit? For instance, in Sherwood Forest, where my grandparents lived, all the addresses start with a 2 followed by three more digits assigned in block style. What does the 2 mean?

These numbers communicate information, but it isn't always clear what some of the information might be.

December 05, 2007

Exam period

I finally realized my error in calling exams at the end of the semester in law school "final exams" or "finals." That is a habit from undergrad days. Since law school classes have only one exam, they are the first and only exams.

December 03, 2007

Breastfeeding My Husband

That's it -- I've had it with Gmail. I thought it should be great not to have intrusive graphic ads. Text ads are out of the way and innocuous, right? Until this comes up at the top of your screen:

It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever! It kind of gets your attention for a second. It's a link that says, "Breastfeeding My Husband ... Top 5 Websites For Breastfeeding My Husband." What does this have to do with anything? What could this even mean? This is the webpage I got when I clicked on the link.

Thank God I did not see any pictures! Those links don't go to anything that these three words might sound like. It was just a collection of random keywords. And, no, the word "breastfeeding" did not appear in any of my e-mails!