January 27, 2008

Missed major cities

I have regrets over missing easy opportunities to see major cities.

Ottawa: I overslept and missed the bus for a college trip. A roommate could have woken me up but thought I wanted to sleep in. I was really planning to go.

Philadelphia: About 30 miles away in the late afternoon I thought I had done enough driving for the day and dismissed the idea of visiting. Now I realize I should have just forged ahead and seen at least a couple of sights.

New Orleans: I had driven a charter bus for a fishing trip less than 30 miles away and the idea of visiting was proposed. Since I had not researched where to drive or park, I was too nervous about the idea to consider it. This was a few months before Hurricane Katrina, and now it's too late to see the city the way it was at that time.

January 03, 2008

Southeastern drought

Adrian in Lake Hartwell
Originally uploaded by Adrian P.
Seeing one of the region's lakes in person rather than TV really makes a strong impression. Yesterday Amy and I visited Hartwell Lake at its upper reaches near Toccoa. I could walk dozens of yards into the lake away from its usual shoreline. Here I am on a tree stump that should be submerged. I bet you could put on wading boots and walk across to South Carolina.

January 02, 2008

Trio Reunion 2007

On December 28 there was a rare meeting of the Trio in Mac Town/Flag City/Macon. The Trio is Alvin, myself, and Michael as appearing this photo, left to right. We figured our last ever meeting was in 2003. Somehow time flew since then. We were pretty tight back when we all lived in the MGA, but now I'm over an hour's drive to the northeast and Alvin is a citizen of Indiana. Fortunately, the old chemistry was still there among us. Michael had a friend take this photo with his camera. Notice the sign over each of our heads.