March 23, 2008

Email names

The form of names chosen for email addresses has changed over the last decade. For personal accounts, people used to use cryptic and cutesy names, either something like CB handles or weird abbreviations that only the user understood. Nowadays people seem more likely to spell out their full names. Maybe people were scared of the Internet back in the day but now it seems normal. Another thing is that people used to use AOL and other services that limited the number of characters in your name, so abbreviations and numerals were essential.

In other news, people I know on MySpace are being weird and shocking.

March 19, 2008

Law practice

Today was the first day I ever practiced law. By being a third year law student, I have been authorized to appear in court under the supervision of the managing attorney of the Family Violence Clinic. Today I merely presented a consent order to a judge, but that marks a first in my career. The real work was in the negotiation, though.

March 13, 2008

Friends versus allies

It seems it is hard to find good friends. I'm not a very social person, so I don't interact with people very frequently outside of school or work. When I do get to know friends and neighbors, there are inevitably politics that arise among them -- someone doesn't like someone else for some random reason. And it is hard to find someone who doesn't eventually do something I don't like myself.

Could it be easier to simply find allies? If I have an interest in learning or accomplishing something, maybe I could forget about finding friends and just focus on finding people who share my interest. I could ignore someone's negative character traits but just seek interactions with him to advance my goals. It seems that any group with politics -- whether a neighborhood, an office, or a dinner club -- really just functions by getting along rather than trying to be Best Friends Forever.

But shouldn't I draw the line somewhere? Is there a point at which someone is so rude that associating with them could hurt me? When is one "judged by the company you keep"?

March 10, 2008

Horological persuasion

Five o'clock is the new six o'clock (or is the other way around?). It's amazing how a little clock reset can persuade us to rise at five in the morning instead of six like we used to.

I'm happy that my radio-controlled clock somehow picked up on the new Bush time change.

March 01, 2008

Earth and sky

If I could design a mansion to live in, I would have two studies. One would be in the basement, and I would use it in the daylight hours to be protected by the cool earth from the harsh light of the sun. It would be a cocoon for my mind to escape distracting energy. The other study would be in a small tower with lots of windows and skylights so that the inspiration of the stars could reach my mind in the magical hours of the night. I would be eccentric.