July 22, 2018

Toothpaste questions

You know how toothpaste tubes have a toll-free phone number on the back that invites "Questions?" Well here are my questions:

  1. What kind of hosers have questions about toothpaste?
  2. Do I use the whole tube of toothpaste each time I brush or what?
  3. Why don't you come out with orange juice-flavored toothpaste already?
  4. Why do you sell small tubes of toothpaste? Is there a big market for people who plan to stop using toothpaste soon? (E.g., hospice patients, people getting dentures, etc.)

July 14, 2018

Free email addresses with numbers are fine and professional

Use Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook

If you search the Internet for advice on choosing a professional email address, you will find a lot of noise about how you should use your own domain name. Unless you are actually in the tech industry, I say forget that. There are two pitfalls, and both of them will prevent your email from being received:

  1. If you don't set up SPF records, your spam score will increase. After you set up a domain name, you should set up the SPF records to point to your email service provider. This shows the relationship between your email account and your domain name, and spam filters like that. Without that relationship established somehow, your email address could be fake.
  2. Your email service provider needs to be trusted. Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook stay on the cutting edge by using multiple protocols for showing other email servers that their messages are legit. We're talking a lot more than just SPF records. Also, they are trusted to make it difficult for spammers to set up accounts. Unfortunately, having an account with a less sophisticated email service means that the spam score on your outgoing messages may go up.
So sending a message from an account provided by one of the big dogs means that your messages are more likely to get through.

April 07, 2018

The Goofy Gregorian, or A Month Is Nothing But Just A Bad Habit

The Gregorian calendar is awkward and arbitrary, but we are stuck with it. Anyone who tries an alternative calendar gives up on it after a while. Calendar reformists went full force with the French Republican Calendar and the Soviet Revolutionary Calendar, but those only lasted twelve and eleven years. The Eastman Kodak Company used the International Fixed Calendar for 61 years, but only for financial planning purposes.

I think about calendars every new year when there is excitement for the new year, yet I realize that the calendar change is really on an arbitrary date (rather than an astronomical event). I started thinking about calendars again at Easter because I'm always like, When is Easter this year?

The first thing that bugs me is that months are meaningless. I just found this quote: